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Hassle-Free Acquisition of Technical Standards and Documents 

Trust only Document Engineering Co., Inc., when looking for an established document supplier in Van Nuys, California. Our extensive collection of historical government standards separates us from our competitors. With more than 55 years of industry experience, we serve a variety of manufacturing industries, including:

Aerospace | Medical | Plating | Powder Coating | Mechanical Engineering | Electrical Engineering

Documents Being Approved

Acquiring Documents

DECO supplies documents on a non-subscription basis. This means you pay for the document and shipping option you prefer. Our standard turnaround is same day shipping without any additional fees for rush orders. Many documents can be faxed or emailed in about an hour,  for your convenience. Please note that faxed orders have a fee of $6, while emailed documents have no additional charge. As a free inclusion to the service, we'll let you know when any document you've previously purchased from us has been recently updated.

Policies on Shipping

Anything currently in our stock is up for same-day shipping. For back orders, we usually receive the item in 5 to 7 business days. The order will then be shipped to the customer on that same day.

Staying Up-to-Date

Through our notification service, you'll be informed via mail whenever a standard you purchased from us has been revised or amended. Letters are mailed automatically in a biweekly basis. We also offer Spec-Bulletin with an annual fee of $125, which can also be accessed for free through our website. This is a weekly publication that itemizes all standards we've received, including US government, US industry, as well as foreign and international standards. Feel free to view our publication at the StandardsPort Website.